Reopening Fall 2020

Hi Parents and Guardians,

We hope that all of you are healthy and doing well during this challenging time. It is with great excitement and preparation that we announce the reopening of MindCraft Academy in San Ramon. If you have a returning student, he/she will enjoy our brand-new facility that is double the size of our previous site! If you are new to the MindCraft family, we welcome you and your child! Please visit our new location via the virtual walkthrough (see below link) and view the dedicated work and love we’ve put into our new MindCraft Academy.

As parents ourselves, we understand the varying concerns and needs of families. Some of you are “essential workers” and need to report to your physical workplace, others demand a distraction-free environment at home where quiet and focus is required for optimal performance, and still others are somewhat reluctant of having their child physically attend a physical classroom. In order to address and meet these different concerns and needs, we are offering your students a choice of:


Preference #1 – Supported in-class learning at MindCraft

MindCraft Academy is committed to providing the most attentive health measures to reopen safely because our parents demand it. They believe the value of having “in-class” development and the interpersonal, social and emotional merits of traditional school.

This view is shared by many child-advocacy organizations, one of which is the American Academy of Pediatrics citing “the AAP strongly advocates that all policy considerations for the coming school year should start with a goal of having students physically present in school”


Of course, MindCraft will comply with all educational and safety requirements as mandated by local, state and national policies as they become effective. (see Health and Safety)

So, drop off your child in the morning, and we will safely supervise, support and monitor them until your return at 6:00. They will attend and participate in their regular school district curriculum in a bright and sanitized MindCraft classroom. Our trusted staff of instructors and assistants will ensure they are focused, attentive and learning. When school is dismissed, your child will transition into MindCraft’s structured supplementary learning schedule. (see Fall Class Schedule). Your child’s well-being and development is our top priority, we’ve even allocated time for “outdoor” activities to keep them active and sharp.


Preference #2 – Supported Online Classes from Your Home

After your child’s daily school district curriculum has ended, students can join MindCraft’s structured supplementary online classes by logging into our afternoon classes for virtual learning. By virtually participating and interacting in our “live” classes, they will feel a strong sense of connection and belonging to the MindCraft Academy community, straight from the comfort of your home!


Our instructors will treat online students with the same attention as those in-class. They will be encouraged to actively engage in the learning activities and to ask questions as if they were physically at MindCraft. We believe this will help students transition smoothly to Preference #1, should you feel comfortable enough for the student to physically participate at our facility.


Please contact us with any questions.


Sincerely yours,


Susan Wu

Administrator, MindCraft Academy