Online Chess Lessons

MindCraft Academy in San Ramon is hosting online chess lessons.

If your kids are interested in learning or improving their chess skills and you wish to be involved
as a parent, here’s a great opportunity!

These chess lessons will be a unique opportunity for your child to learn from the famous National Woman Chess Master Saikhanchimeg Tsog. Saikhanchimeg has won many awards including 1st Place World Open mixed doubles, 2nd place US Open Woman (2017), 3rd place California State Woman Championship and 4th Place US Open (2017).

This is an opportunity not to be missed! Space is limited. E-mail MindCraft Academy to reserve a spot for your child using our Contact form or call (925) 812-3737.


Why Chess? What can learning and playing chess do for your child?

Ask John Hopkins University’s School of Education. They encourage young minds to use the game of chess as a tool, to increase higher-level thinking skills, advance math, and reading skills, and build self-confidence.

– There is a strong correlation between learning to play chess and academic achievement. Students who received chess instruction scored significantly higher on all measures of academic achievement, including math, spatial analysis, and non-verbal reasoning ability.

– A positive impact on kids in elementary, middle and high school, suggests it’s the ideal age. Eight and nine-year-old minds and thinking skills are developing rapidly, and chess teaches higher-level thinking skills such as the ability to visualize, analyze, and think critically.

– A unique and strong brand attribute… playing chess and being smart are connected. This can be a very positive driver for young children. It is also an important age for developing an attachment to school. If kids associate school and learning with fun, they will most likely develop a stronger attachment to school.


Do not miss this opportunity. E-mail MindCraft Academy to reserve a spot for your child using our Contact form or call (925) 812-3737.