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At Mind Craft Academy, we believe in helping students realize and fulfill their greatest potential. We offer a supervised homework club and quality classes for 1st through 9th grade students. Our goal is to work with the parents to nurture a well-rounded child within our uniquely customized academic programs. We offer small classes to maximize the attention students get from teachers and tutors, and year-round programming with our homework club and tutoring services.

Come and join us for the USCF Rated chess tournament every Saturday from 3:30 to 5:30. All chess players are welcome.

Welcome To Mind Craft Academy


Summer Enrichment Camp and Chess Camp

  • ID: 1151

Hi Parents, Summer is fast approaching and Mind Craft Academy in (San Ramon)  is ready to roll out our summer program. If you are looking for a fun and fulfilling summer camp for your kids, we have 2 options to offer. Chess and Enrichment Camp: Summer Chess Camp with Guarang Mehta…

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Common Core English Language Arts Classes

  • ID: 895

Our Common Core English Language Arts Classes for 1st through 8th graders provides students with a deeper understanding of the English Language Arts concepts, and establishes a solid foundation for their ongoing education. Our experienced educators will work closely with students in small classes, preparing them for standardized tests and academic success….

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Common Core Math Classes

  • ID: 892

Our Common Core Mathematics Classes for 1st through 8th graders provides students with a deeper understanding of the math concepts and prepares them for higher math concepts and applications. The goal is to prepare students for standardized tests and a foundation for greater academic success. Students and teachers will meet 4 times…

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Mandarin Class

  • ID: 760

$160 for 10 sessions (Work Book and Material are Included)
We encourage Mandarin learning in a fun and creative way. Han Yu Pin Yin is introduced and reviewed in each class level.

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Chess Classes/Tournament

  • ID: 747

Our skilled Master chess coaches will set your child on the path for future academic success. What can learning and playing chess do for your child? The John Hopkins University’s School of Education says to use the game of chess as a tool, to increase higher level thinking skills, advance…

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Weekday Homework Tutoring Club

  • ID: 745

Our Homework Tutoring Club ensures the students fully understand their homework and correctly fulfill their assignments. Supplemental material is provided to reinforce academic concepts through applications. We also provide an enrichment curriculum to strengthen students’ core competencies.

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